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Chrisanne Clover is a world leader in the production of professional dance dresses. Each creation sewn means many hours of hard work, more than 40m of fabric used and approximately 10,000 sparkling elements. In addition, the company is a supplier of the best quality fabrics, accessories and crystals. Chrisanne Clover products are used by dancers, designers and performers in more than 50 countries around the world.

Chrisanne Clover has trusted us to continue with the implementation of the online shop on the Magento 2 platform.

Scope of works

  • adaptation of the functionality to the Magento platform
  • repair of technical errors
  • change of existing server
  • integration of category access division function


The main challenge of the Chrisanne Clover project was the continuation of implementation work previously started by another agency. We received an unfinished shop that required many hours of analysis, technical status checks and the preparation of a turnaround plan. At the same time, maintaining a smooth progress of the project work. All assumptions were focused on completing the implementation on Magento 2.

The client wanted flexible communication that allowed us to react quickly to new ideas and changes to the project.


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Catching and fixing technical errors has improved the effectiveness of the shop.

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The change of server has opened up more possibilities for the development of the platform.

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The division of categories separated sales into B2B and B2C without the need for a separate platform.

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Quick and efficient shop

Many times, bug fixing of existing shops can take a comparable amount of time to implement a solution from scratch. Together with the new project, we received a platform that required many hours spent on corrections.

Analysing and verifying the available functionalities made it possible to detect and eliminate those that were redundant and burdened the platform. In addition, detecting technical errors and fixing them improved the smoothness of the shop operation.

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Dedicated server

During the course of the project, we changed the existing hosting to a proven server infrastructure suitable for the size of the Chrisanne Clover shop.

The use of a dedicated server opened up more possibilities for the development of the Magento 2 platform. This change also helped to improve the speed of the shop operation. A massive tool like Magento needs more server space to be able to use its full functionality. The use of a dedicated server also ensured that settings could be changed easily and that full administration was possible.

Division of category availability

We have implemented a functionality that easily provides selected customers with access to specific categories. While registering an account in the administration panel, regular customers are given an individual number, which automatically allows them to view product categories that are not available to other customers. The functionality proves its worth while conducting diversified sales for the B2B and B2C sectors.

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"Aurora team has been very responsive and responsible to client requirements. Their knowledge base is impressive built on good understanding of the nature of the client business. Solution finding has been done is a very fluid manner with customisable approach to clients budget and requirements. Highly recommend to anyone seeking for professional service on magento based e-commerce platform."

Ronnie Li

Ronnie Li

Managing Director // Chrisanne Clover Ltd

Further development

The production launch of the shop did not end our cooperation. We remained the customer’s technical support in terms of SLA – Service Level Agreement – ensuring the security of the shop’s operation. We also offered assistance in the form of SEO eCommerce services. Continued cooperation allows for active development of the online shop, quick response and elimination of errors, as well as positioning, which is crucial for high ranking in Google searches.

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