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Magento online shops

We offer comprehensive implementations of online shops based on Magento, which is currently the most popular e-commerce platform. We deal with every stage of implementation, starting from obtaining requirements (Discovery Stage) to production launch.

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Implementation of D2C sales platforms

In the era of digital transformation and changing consumer purchasing models, D2C sales are becoming more and more attractive. By implementing its own platform, the manufacturer has closer contact with the customer, while having greater control over the sales process, prices and the user's purchasing experience.


Shop maintenance

In order for the shop to be able to function effectively on the dynamically changing e-commerce market, it is necessary to have constant programming support in servicing and development. Aurora provides constant help with a specific response time.


Magento 2 Migration

Magento 2 offers many benefits in terms of improved UI, responsiveness, performance and a better checkout process. However, the migration process means, in fact, preparing the store anew and moving the content. It is a difficult task that requires technical knowledge and experience. Therefore, we treat each client individually, because only this approach allows us to carry out the migration process in the most optimal way.


Shopware implementations 6

Shopware 6 is a fast-growing, modern shopping system that becomes a direct competitor to Magento 2. With the implementation of Shopware, you will receive all the tools for effective sales and product management in one place. The open Shopware software gives you the comfort of choosing the possibilities while implementing your assumptions.

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PIM (PimCore) system implementations in e-commerce

PIM systems are designed to help classify products, organize names, descriptions, photos, promotions and all other product data. In addition, they help organize data obtained from various sources and transmit it to various distribution channels.

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B2B e-commerce platforms

We research the needs and then adapt the software to the B2B customer's complex and unique buying process. We help scale multi-channel, international sales by proactively suggesting solutions and selecting the right tools.


Magento modules

Immediately after installation, the system provides a huge amount of functionality ready for use. In spite of that, extensions (modules) are added to Magento almost every day, further improving, changing or adding new options to the system. For our clients, we create individual solutions tailored to their needs on request.

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Competition analysis

Market competition research is a process that allows a company to grow. We will check not only which brand poses the greatest threat, but also verify development opportunities.

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Trend analysis

Discover the trends that will take your e-commerce to the next level. During the study, E-commerce Analyst will compare the website with local and foreign trends.

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Pre-implementation analysis

Well-conducted pre-implementation analysis is an important element of correct implementation and functioning of the system. The analysis determines the business objectives, and also ensures the implementation of only the necessary components that will be used in the enterprise. The aim of the analysis is primarily to maximize the benefits of the planned implementation. In addition, the analysis helps the company make the right decision, assess the cost-effectiveness, compare the costs and benefits of the planned project.


Test audit of the online shop

The purpose of the tester audit is to analyse the online shop in terms of the quality of its functioning. During the audit, the tester will check the customer path, the functioning of the functionalities and the purchasing process. He or she will detect errors and recommend appropriate solutions.

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Technical audit of the Magento online shop

It often happens that the implemented solutions do not meet customer expectations, which is why we offer a complete technical audit. The purpose of the audit is to collect, systematise, analyse and comprehensively evaluate the quality of the solutions currently used in the shop. The audit includes an assessment of the actual state of affairs and presents solutions to be applied in order to eliminate the noted deficiencies. Internal procedures and working standards allow us to catch the vast majority of errors that are made.


Magento integrations

Each system supporting key processes in a company requires integration with external systems. With each integration, we use modular solutions that allow you to maintain stability with Magento updates and when combined with other modules. The method of integration and its entire specification is determined according to individual customer needs.


Magento Hosting

Magento 1 and Magento 2 require a well-prepared server infrastructure to work fast and stable. Our Magento development and server maintenance experience helped us to prepare a great infrastructure to grow your Magento store.


Magento Outsourcing

As part of this cooperation model, the client can hire a complete team of Magento specialists, who will professionally carry out a specific project. In consequence, it becomes our responsibility to organize the right people, often from different technological areas, in an appropriate structure, so that each employee performs tasks tailored to the level of their competence and ambitions.


Other services

  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) for Magento shops
  • Security audit for Magento shops
  • Optimisation of online shop conversion rate
  • Optimisation of loading speed
  • Bug fixing in Magento shops

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