Technical audit of the Magento online shop

Technical audit

We bring e-commerce to the next level by designing and implementing tailor-made solutions based on the Magento 2 platform.

The technical audit of the online shop is a detailed and in-depth analysis of the individual components of the project.

The purpose of the audit is to collect, systematise, analyse and comprehensively assess the quality of the solutions currently used in the shop. It includes an assessment of the actual situation, presents solutions to be applied in order to eliminate perceived deficiencies, and includes a preliminary estimate of the time needed to rectify faults and optimise.
The audit also answers several important questions about the shop’s performance. We will check whether the website loads quickly enough, whether it is displayed correctly on mobile devices and what the security issues are.

When is it worth to audit a Magento shop?

Considering the current technological developments and how strong the competition is in the industry today; it is recommended to carry out a detailed audit of the online shop once every 2 – 3 years. It is worth performing an audit if:

  • You are implementing a new shop or have concerns about the quality of the current implementation.
  • You have a performance problem, the website does not respond for a long time.
  • Your customers frequently report crashes and lack of shop availability.
  • You notice a large number of installed and unused modules overloading your shop.
  • Would like to ensure that your customers have a trouble-free shopping experience?
  • Do you suspect security breaches in your shop’s code?
  • Do you notice that elements in your shop are displayed incorrectly?
  • Do you lose a lot of time due to problems with installed extensions and existing integrations?

What are the stages of an audit of a Magento shop?

Collection of information and familiarisation with the project

To start the audit of your online shop, we first need access to your Magento admin panel, server, Google Analytics, source code. We take care of the security of all your information by signing an NDA. We will provide you with an exact list of accesses at the first meeting.

Configuration of the local environment

The first step is to create a production copy of the shop and install the local environment to be analysed.

Server audit

The purpose of the task is to verify the location /allocation of the server (whether the location is appropriately matched to the market). The server's response time will be checked, whether there are any errors in the logs, and whether the configuration and version of the software are up to date.

Security audit

As part of the task, we will check the up-to-dateness of the version of Magento 2 in use and the installation status of the necessary security patches. We will verify the shop for the installation of any malicious software.

Shop and code technical audit

We start the audit by looking into the code of the online shop, as it is the basis of any website. We will familiarise ourselves with the list of external modules and those dedicated to the shop.

Utility audit

We will check whether the shop is mobile friendly, as well as whether it contains functional errors.

Basic technical errors

We will verify the shop for the occurrence of erroneous 404 pages, slowest pages, incorrect redirections and the size and format of the graphics used.


As part of the task, we will check the mode of operation of Magento. We will verify Cache usage, CSS/JS connections, JS errors in the console. We will check the speed compared to the competition.

Delivery of the report

As a result of the audit, you will receive a document containing a description of the errors occurring, along with their severity, time taken, cost of repair, and conclusions as well as recommendations.

What are the benefits of undertaking a shop audit?

Ikona zaliczonego zadania

Code quality verification

Our experience in Magento implementation will enable us to locate errors, shortcomings and weaknesses arising during implementation.

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Determining the way to a smooth operation of the shop

The list of suggestions we have prepared will help to determine the expected plan for achieving stable shop operation.

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Technical infrastructure assessment

The audit also resulted in a recommendation on the software, resources and configuration of the server infrastructure to maintain Magento.

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Assessment of repair costs

On the basis of the audit, we will prepare estimates together with the time required for the repair.

Receive a sample audit of your Magento shop!


Project team

Project Manager

The Project Manager is responsible for gathering requirements, advising and coordinating the work during the execution of the audit.

Senior e-commerce developer

An experienced, communicative and certified Magento Developer is in charge of analysing the programming practices used in the shop.


The server administrator will prepare recommendations for the server infrastructure to ensure stable operation of the e-commerce platform.

Product Owner – Customer

The client acts as product owner, and we look forward to working with the team to transfer the necessary accesses.


How do I prepare for an e-commerce audit?

You do not have to prepare in advance for an e-commerce audit. We will send you a list of the necessary accesses.

What is the price of a shop audit?

It all depends on how detailed the audit should be. A basic audit costs PLN 3,600 net.  Comprehensive audits are priced individually.

How long does an audit take?

The audit of an online shop usually takes about 2 weeks from the time the accesses are handed over.

What do I get as a result of a Magento shop audit?

The result of the audit is a document containing the current status of your shop, together with conclusions and recommendations for further action.

When will I see the results of the audit?

The audit gives tips and advice, but it’s up to you to decide which ones to implement and when.

What should I do after the Magento shop audit?

Depending on the results of the audit, you should analyse the errors identified, think about the proposed solutions, and prioritise them. Much depends on the budget available to the company. The errors identified will be given priority and the time taken to fix them. Some changes may be expensive but necessary. Others, while seeming cosmetic, can bring significant benefits to the functioning of the platform.

Do you fix errors as part of the audit?

An audit only includes a consultancy service. However, we understand that it is difficult for clients to fix errors themselves, so we are happy to help. Please contact us for more information.