Magento 2

Magento 2 is a feature-rich e-commerce platform that offers flexibility and full control over the functionality of an online channel.

When designing dedicated online shops, we only use the Magento platform. We offer implementations in both Magento Open Source and commercial versions – Magento Commerce (former Enterprise).

According to numerous collations and reports, Magento is a leader in e-commerce platforms available on the market. Over 250,000 salespeople around the world are currently using it. It owes its popularity too, among others, its versatility, efficiency and intuitive operation, which allows efficient management of an e-shop.

Magento shops which we implement are adapted to the needs of a given market. The software is available in many languages and has the ability to integrate with the majority of providers offering eCommerce support services, including numerous e-payment systems or marketing automation systems.

Why Magento?

Magento is an e-commerce platform that allows you to create both simple online shops and extensive sales platforms. However, to take full advantage of its capabilities, it is advisable to have specialist programming knowledge. Why, then, should you choose Magento?

  • Extensive functionalities

    In addition to many ready-made modules, the platform has a fully flexible architecture, thanks to which it is possible to adjust it to individual needs.

  • SEO optimization

    Tools available in the Marketplace greatly facilitate the optimization of the shop’s websites in terms of search engines and thus have a positive impact on positioning and e-marketing activities.

  • The mobile version

    The platform is available in a mobile version, which makes it easier to sell to mobile customers.

  • An extensive analyst

    The possibility of combining the platform with many analytical tools allows on-going monitoring of website traffic and collection of the most important information on user behavior.

  • Multistore

    This feature is particularly useful for companies that run many online shops (e.g. in many language versions) and allows them to be effectively operated from the level of one management panel.

  • Integrations

    Magento enables integration not only with ERP and CRM systems, but also with popular comparators and social networks.

Comprehensive services

In order for a shop to be able to function effectively in a competitive market, it is necessary to carry out many activities at the same time, which will allow it to be distinguished and attract customers’ attention. Therefore, our activities often go beyond the implementation of the Magento platform. Our offer also includes comprehensive shop service. With many years of experience and constantly expanding knowledge, we can offer our clients activities such as: sales support, conversion optimization or positioning of online shops based on Magento.
We also offer hosting services, and in the case of more advanced business needs we implement effective B2B platforms.

As part of our service we will:

  • implement advanced e-commerce or B2B solutions
  • optimize of existing sales platforms
  • acquire users and activate abandoned shopping carts
  • implement and support loyalty and incentive programs
  • update the product offer
  • manage the security of e-business
  • suggest new and analyze existing optimization activities as well as monitor them
  • manage e-store logistics
  • access consultants from related fields

Demo Version

If you are just starting to explore Magento, we encourage you to check out the demo version of the system prepared by us. All data, including orders, are reset every 6 hours.

Enough talking, let’s get down to work!

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