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Hosting and support for Magento-based online shops

Magento online shops require an appropriate, optimized server infrastructure. With many years of experience of working with B2B and B2C clients, we decided to create a hosting offer dedicated to such shops. By choosing it, you can be sure that your e-business will operate quickly, stably and most importantly – safely.

Why choose Magento hosting at Aurora Creation?

  • For 10 years, we have been specialising in Magento-based implementations.
  • We know how important it is to provide an adequate infrastructure which will then influence the shop’s conversion.
  • We guarantee fast and free migration to our servers.
  • Our servers are located in Warsaw/Central Europe, which guarantees speed.
  • We have fast and professionally secured servers that comply with the GDPR regulations.
  • Backups are made every day.
  • Professional support in 24/7/365 system/mode.

Regardless of the chosen hosting plan/package, we guarantee:

  • Appropriate server configuration for Magento 2 shops
  • An optimal selection of services that influence, among others, the speed of the shop, including: Varnish, Redis, Nginx, Apache, MySQL / MariaDB / Percona, HHVM
  • Administrators specialising in Magento
  • Support from programmers who are Magento Certified experts
  • Security monitoring and immediate response to unusual events
  • Daily backups on a separate server space
  • Uptime monitoring
  • Installation of an SSL certificate that improves security and positioning.
  • Server adjustment for Google Page Speed Insights (faster site rendering)
  • Protection against DDos attacks.

In addition, Magento developers receive:

  • Access to SSH.
  • Shop test instance included the package price
  • Access to Composer
  • GIT version control system

Are you a Magento developer? Check why it’s well worth trusting us.

The correct configuration of a Magento shop and the software base guarantee that the online business runs smoothly and trouble-free. That’s why we use the combination of Nginx, PHP-FPM, Percona MySQL, which means that our clients’ shops operate in the most optimal and safe environment.

We use Nginx servers to host shops, which provides much better use of resources than in the case of Apache. Everything runs on specially adapted Linux systems without unnecessary applications.

PHP-FPM (PHP FastCGI Process Manager), or dynamic queries/requests. The communication with Ngnix via FastCGI protocol reduces the use of server memory compared to Apache.

We use Percona MySQL, a scalable database system with unprecedented performance and scalability. It is a great solution that copes with high loads, all thanks to automatic matching algorithms.

Monthly plans



up to 25,000 visits

unlimited transfer



Support 24/7

400 PLN / month



up to 50,000 visits

unlimited transfer



Support 24/7

600 PLN / month


from 300 GB

from 100,000 visits

unlimited transfer



Support 24/7

from 950 PLN / month

(FAQ) Frequently asked questions

Who is the Magento hosting offer for?

Hosting offer Aurora Creation is for every e-business, regardless of its size. We follow the principle that all clients are treated individually and we adapt our infrastructure to their needs. Our package offers/plans are targeted at small and medium-sized shops but the large ones can benefit from dedicated servers with unlimited scaling possibilities.

Where are Aurora Creation servers located?

Servers are located in Central Europe, which influences the speed of connection for customers from Poland and other European countries. However, the owners of Polish online shops are provided with servers located in the data centre in Warsaw, so that their e-businesses operate faster.

What does the migration process look like? How long is it?

After selecting the package/plan, our clients receive access data and full support of our qualified employees. Thanks to that, the whole process is very fast and, most importantly – safe. The entire transfer takes about 2 working days, during which we test the shop in a new environment. All tests are carried out in the shop’s slack periods, so as not to generate extra costs for the owner.

How do you calculate the number of visits which determine the package/plan?

The number of visits is determined on the basis of the monthly average, which takes into consideration the last three months of the shop’s operation. At any time, the package/plan can be increased – just contact our employees. We ourselves also suggest changes when we observe increased traffic on the shop’s website.

How long is the contract for?

The contract is concluded for an indefinite period of time and has one month’s notice period.

How fast is your response to an issue reported by a client?

Our employees provide full support in the 24/7/365 system/mode. The response time depends on the issue, its underlying causes and many other factors. Each issue is given individual attention.

For example:

Type of issueResponse time (actual response in the 24/7/365 system/mode)
Server hardware failureResponse time: up to 1 hour
Issue resolution time: up to 4 hours
Critical failure (server software)Response time: up to 2 hour
Issue resolution time: up to 6 hours
Minor failure (server software)Response time: up to 8 hour
Issue resolution time: up to 24 hours
Custom server software changesStarting time: max. 3 working days

Is it possible to buy additional IP addresses?

Yes. The cost of one additional address is 8 PLN net per month.

Are Aurora Creation servers compliant with the GDPR regulations?

Servers offered to our clients have a properly secured infrastructure and are compliant with all the regulations of the GDPR.

Looking for a safe home for your Magento store?

We are more than happy to help.

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