Magento Outsourcing

Magento is a complex e-commerce platform that is used by over 250,000 companies around the world.

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A great advantage of this solution is, among others, scalability, flexibility and a great opportunity to create innovative solutions that build a competitive advantage in e-commerce world.

The construction of the Magento platform, due to its specificity, requires specialist knowledge, which an internal team does not usually have. In such situations, it is worth considering the outsourcing of development tasks. Delegating tasks to an external company with appropriate know-how significantly reduces the implementation time and allows for significant savings.

When should you choose Magento

  • You already have a Magento e-shop, it needs some changes or dedicated functionalities, but you do not want or do not have the opportunity to use the work of your own team of programmers.
  • You want to launch a new e-commerce platform and you need experts who will take care of the whole process, providing support during the implementation.
  • You would like to optimise the costs of development or to reduce the expenses connected with the employment of new employees.
    • You must make sure that the project is a team of experts with knowledge and many years of experience who can cope with challenges and obstacles.
    • You need the support from external specialists for your IT department.

    What do we do?

    Implementation tasks

    Magento is a complex system that requires the work of specialists with high competence. Regardless of whether we create a dedicated B2B or B2C solution, the most important thing is the final result, which is customer satisfaction and highest quality code.

    Dedicated modules

    We create dedicated modules, tailored to the clients’ needs, thanks to which they gain an advantage over their competition. Our solutions always go through all the stages of review in Magento Marketplace (Business, Technical, QA, Marketing, Released). By choosing our services, you can be sure that the extension that we prepare for you can be introduced to the official Magento website.

    Migration from Magento 1 to Magento 2

    Magento upgrade and transition from version 1.X to 2.X is a milestone that has a huge impact on your e-commerce. First of all, it means that orders are processed faster, the database is easier to scale, there is greater security and finally, a better support for omnichannel operations.

    Magento 2 is a completely new e-commerce system that is similar to the previous version only in terms of functionality and architecture. This means that migration is a huge, precise undertaking, requiring the work and knowledge of experts. In return, however, we get a modern, much more scalable and stable engine.

    Quality improvement - Corrections

    We detect problems and correct errors in the existing instances of Magento shops. We comprehensively develop the solutions which are already in place, constantly improving their quality.

    Sticking to the principles of “KISS” (Keep It Simple, Stupid) and “Leave the code better than you found”, not only do we implement new functions, but also optimise the store in terms of both performance and the quality of used solutions.

    Magento technical audit

    It often happens that the implemented solutions do not meet the client’s expectations, which is why we offer a complete technical audit. The aim of the audit is to collect, systematise, analyse and comprehensively evaluate the quality of the currently used solutions in the store. The result of the audit (depending on the scope) is a report describing such issues as:

    • Magento file structure,
    • modules installed in the store,
    • database inquiries,
    • the structure of JS and CSS files,
    • performance tests

    The audit includes the assessment of the current problems and presents solutions that should be applied to eliminate them. Our internal procedures and work standards allow us to capture most of the observed issues.

    Magento optimization

    Today’s online shops rely not only on the system used to run the store, but the entire application ecosystem, whose appropriate configuration has a huge influence on the positive experiences of the end-customer.

    The IT infrastructure consists of search servers, cache services, dedicated servers, databases, external service providers and many other elements.

    The proper and efficient environment is often a challenge with which only highly qualified specialists are able to cope.

    Benefits of Magento outsourcing at Aurora Creation

    Each line of code undergoes internal tests and is subjected to the review by another programmer. This two-step process minimises the probability of errors. Thanks to this, that we are sure that the solutions delivered to the client meet the highest quality standards.

    We operate in such a way that we are able to respond to all customer needs. We offer full outsourcing of IT services, we support internal IT departments, we help them in implementations or we take over part of their duties.

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    High quality guarantee

    Our practical experience and our knowledge come from the many projects we carry out. Thanks to them, we have developed our own work methodology, which allows us to eliminate unnecessary mistakes. With double code review, full version control based on versioning changes from our GIT repository, or solutions matching the latest trends, you have every confidence that it is experts working for you.

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    Outsourcing ideally suited to your needs

    Our solutions allow you to reduce costs, as well as speed up the development work. We offer various cooperation models, depending on the clients’ expectations and the time needed to complete the project. The most popular cooperation models are: body leasing, team leasing, as well as total project outsourcing.

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    Many years of certified experience

    Over 10 years of experience has resulted in numerous projects around the world. Each implementation, no matter how large, was treated with due diligence and in accordance with the applicable quality standards. Our team consists of nearly 40 highly qualified front-end and back-end developers.

    Technologies we use

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    The application allows for convenient and quick management of dependencies in the project. This tool is used by all modern PHP applications.

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    Git / Gitlab

    Git is a distributed version control system intended for efficient code management and seamless cooperation of many programmers. The GitLab application provides the ability to monitor the quality of the code being created by running “Code review”, automating tests and deploying (transferring changes).

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    An optional element of the IT infrastructure responsible for buffering the response from the HTTP server. In architecture it is between the browser and the HTTP server. It speeds up the operation of the online shop by reducing the load on the HTTP server and quickly serving the content previously placed in the buffer. The shop, thanks to Varnish, can work noticeably faster, even several times quicker than before.

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    KnockoutJS is a JavaScript library that implements the so-called MVVM (Model – View – View Model). With the use of Knockout.js, we can accelerate the front-end work of the developer because it is possible to automatically update the view which is being worked on without manually making changes to the HTML code.

    What is it like to cooperate with us?

    From the first contact with the client, we want both parties to feel equal partners. The analysis of the needs of a business partner allows us to perfectly match the team members and their knowledge to the client’s expectations. Take this workflow as an example:

    First, we define customer expectations and requirements. We analyse all needs and choose the best model of cooperation: body leasing, team leasing or total project outsourcing.

    If the project requires consultations and meetings – we are always at the client’s disposal. Then, it is the client that chooses from our team members the people to cooperate with at every stage of implementation.

    Next, we make every effort to ensure that the cooperation does not encounter any problems. The ongoing contact, reporting and control let the client feel secure.

    Each stage of work is documented and reported to the client so that the progress of implementation can be followed on a regular basis.