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A modern platform for ambitious owners of online stores

Shopware 6 is a rapidly growing, modern shop system that becomes a direct competition for Magento 2.

Behind Shopware is a reliable German company that has been on the market since 2000. Shopware software is used by over one hundred thousand stores, also from the enterprise segment.

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How does Shopware 6 work?

"More options and less complexity" - that's the watchword of Shopware 6.

eCommerce owners usually start their adventure with the store thanks to the so-called "startup platforms", i.e. cloud solutions or simple stores on WooCommerce or Presta.

The use of the above platforms is a great idea to start with - to start a business and verify the business model.

Unfortunately, after some time, "starter platforms" start to limit them a lot (custom needs). The second major problem is the drastic drop in performance and limited expandability. The owners are not convinced of further investments in the store due to the fear that any new improvements will soon go to the basket anyway - because you have to switch to a new platform, probably Magento 2.

Until some time, shop owners didn't have many alternatives until Shopware 6

came out. With Shopware, ambitious store owners finally have a flexible, modern platform ready for rapid business development.

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What can we offer you?

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Online stores Shopware 6

With the implementation of Shopware, you will receive all the tools for effective sales and product management in one place. The open-source Shopware software gives you the comfort of choosing the possibilities while implementing your assumptions. We have proven solutions for each industry.

Migration to Shopware 6

Shopware 6 will allow you to grow and free you from the current system limitations. We will transfer your store from the outdated platform. We migrate stores from Magento 1, Shoper, Shoplo, Prestashop, WooCommerce, Shoplo, C-store, IAI, and many others.
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SLA support and Shopware 6 development

We monitor the proper operation of your store 24 hours a day. This enables us to react early, even before a problem occurs. We focus on transparent and partnership cooperation, because our goal is common: the scable growth of your store.

Advantages of using the Shopware system

Convenient administration panel

Support for multiple sales channels

Easy management of promotions

Media Management (DAM)

SEO optimization

Multiple currencies and languages

We offer Shopware development servicess

We chose it from other eCommerce systems due to:

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New technology

Shopware 6 is an engine written from scratch. Thanks to this, it could use the latest open-source solutions (eg Symfony), which are the current industry standards. They enable fast implementation, pleasant development and are easy to maintain.
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An alternative to Magento 2

Stores that have grown out of WooCommerce or Presta are looking for an engine to keep growing. Shopware perfectly bridges the gap between systems for amateur shops and the colossal Magento.

API-first architecture

Thanks to the API-first architecture, Shopware 6 perfectly integrates with ERP systems, PIM systems (e.g. PimCore), and PWA progressive web apps solutions (eg Vue Storefront).


The open structure of the code, which can be freely modified, and the large possibilities of installing additional plugins make Shopware a platform that is very easy to modify. It allows for the continuous development of the store, even while it is functioning.

Low maintenance cost

Shopware, thanks to its modern architecture, is quick to expand. Modern technology also allows you to reduce the costs of hosting and monthly service.

Customization of appearance and content

To sell, a store must be easy to use, fast, and meet aesthetic requirements. In the age of content, a store must provide accurate, good-looking product descriptions.

Is Shopware a good engine for your store?

Let's talk and check the pros and cons together.