B2B e-commerce platforms

Magento implementation, migration and support

We introduce e-commerce to the next level by designing and implementing tailor-made solutions based on the Magento 2 platform.

Implementation and development of B2B

We have been implementing B2B shops on the Magento platform for over 16 years. We research the needs and then adapt the software to the B2B customer's complex and unique buying process. We help scale multi-channel, international sales by selecting the right tools.

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Basic functionalities of a modern B2B platform:

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Implementation of B2B platforms

We carry out complex implementations of B2B online shops on the Magento™ platform, one of the most popular e-commerce platforms. We handle every stage of implementation, starting from requirements acquisition to production launch.

Development of B2B platforms

Average order value (AOV) and customer value (LTV) are very high in B2B. Therefore, monitoring, maintenance and proactive development of platforms are extremely important for this type of project.
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Integrations of B2B systems

We are committed to fully automating online sales processes. We help manufacturers and distributors increase operational capabilities, reduce costs and eliminate errors associated with manual data updates.

We offer B2B Magento 2 platform implementations

Company accounts for B2B customer employees

Employees of a B2B customer can access their company account, which stores full company information, billing and shipping preferences. Each account can have individually defined permissions to specific platform functions.

Cyclical and fast ordering

B2B customers can place orders faster by uploading a file (XLS, CSV) with a list of ordered SKUs to the system. It is also possible to repeat past orders. Both functions streamline a time-consuming process and reduce errors.

Quotations and requests for quotations

A B2B platform can streamline the process of handling enquiries and preparing individual quotations for business customers. In one place, we can store the complete communication history, changes to the offer, terms of cooperation, shipment and payment. It is also possible to negotiate prices at the shopping cart stage.

Convenient searching and adding to the shopping cart

The more time customers spend finding their desired product, the less likely they are to make a purchase. Magento, allows you to create a catalogue that makes it easy to search, filter, browse and order goods. In addition, customers will be able to use SKU codes to add products to their cart.

Personalisation of the product catalogue

Magento 2, allows a personalised approach to sales by creating different versions of catalogues for specific customer segments. Administrators can additionally change the way the product range is displayed and set custom prices.

Special product sheet

A product page with technical details, instructions, product varieties, stock levels, instructional videos is a real substitute for a 360-degree live consultation.

Flexible payment methods and trade credit

We create B2B platforms with a range of secure payment options to provide customers with choice. In addition to bank transfers, online credit card payments, we also offer other B2B-friendly options such as deferred payment.

Wholesale orders

By choosing Magento for B2B, you allow your customers to place wholesale orders. By offering special discounts on wholesale orders in combination with list and shopping cart pricing rules, you encourage customers to buy directly from you.

Extensive reporting and analysis system

Magento, has a powerful system that not only calculates sales or returns over a given period, but also shows, for example, the most viewed products, searches in the internal search engine, abandoned carts, use of discounts, providing valuable data for sales and marketing departments.

We chose Magento for the following reasons:

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Advanced functionalities

In addition to a number of ready-to-use modules, the platform has a fully flexible architecture so that it can be adapted to individual needs appropriately.


This functionality is particularly useful for companies running multiple online shops, allowing them to be operated efficiently from a single management panel.
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A B2B platform based on Magento can be easily adapted to the needs of small, local businesses as well as international brands selling millions of products.

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