Test audit of the online shop

Test audit of the online shop

Nowadays, online shops play a huge role in retail. Every year, more and more consumers are choosing to shop online, which means that competition in e-commerce is constantly increasing. To be successful in such a dynamic environment means that shops need an excellent shopping path. This is where the testing team comes in – a detailed review of the website from the end customer’s perspective.

What are the advantages of carrying out a test audit?

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Increased conversions and customer confidence

A shop that operates perfectly and predictably gains the trust of users – they feel more confident making purchases, which results in increased conversions and sales.

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Cost optimisation

The audit allows problems to be identified at an early stage, making it easier to fix them and minimising repair costs.

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Improving the system quality

A software test allows errors in the online shop to be detected and resolved. As a result, e-commerce becomes more functional and user-friendly.

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Adaptation to popular browsers and devices

Nowadays, more and more people are using only smartphones, they use them among other things for online shopping. The process scenario involves performing tests with a strong emphasis on the mobile version to ensure that the shop works properly on different browsers and devices.

The test audit is a comprehensive process that includes:

  • testing on different browsers, devices and operating systems, so you can make sure the shop works properly in any configuration, two packages are available:
    Basic Package: Tests on two major browsers (Firefox and Google Chrome) on a computer and one on a mobile device, completed in just 10 hours!
    Extended Package: Additional testing on three popular environments (Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari) on a computer and two browsers on a mobile device, in just 20 hours!
  • detection of errors such as non-working links, incorrectly displayed content, navigation problems,
  • recommendations for corrective actions and improvements to help optimise your shop and increase its efficiency.

When is it worth auditing your Magento shop?

  • you are implementing a new shop or have concerns about the quality of your current implementation,
  • you have a problem with the purchase path – low conversion rate,
  • customers often report problems while finding information,
  • you notice a high number of abandoned carts,
  • you want to make sure your customers have a problem-free shopping experience,
  • you see items displaying incorrectly in the shop,
  • you want to provide users with the best shopping experience.

What areas are subject to testing in e-commerce?


The manual tests are carried out, which analyse whether the shop's homepage correctly presents information to users. The tester checks that all elements, such as logos, search engine, navigation menus, promotional banners, are properly displayed and function correctly.

Product categories

Checking product categories is primarily about verifying that they are organised and displayed appropriately, testing navigation between categories and filters. The user's problem may be adding a product to the shopping cart or moving to the product card, which is the tester's job to check.

Product cards

Product cards are tested to ensure that product information, images, prices, selection options, availability, reviews, etc. are displayed correctly. QA makes sure that adding products to the shopping cart works correctly - this is the most important moment in the whole shopping process, it should work perfectly.

Customer panel

The consumer panel functions such as login, registration, account management, order history, shipment tracking, password change, etc. will be assessed. It is important to make sure that all these functions work perfectly.

Shopping cart and the purchase process

Verifying that adding products to the shopping cart, managing the shopping cart, discount coupons, the ordering process, payment, selecting delivery options and order summary are working correctly.

Static pages

Checking other pages of the shop, such as the about us page, contact us, privacy policy, terms and conditions, FAQs, etc. The tester makes sure that all these pages are displayed correctly and have no functional errors.

Who is a member of the project team?

Project Manager

Responsible for contacting the client and conducting meetings. Supervises the audit schedule and ensures the timing of tasks. Determines potential risks right from the start of the project, allowing for a quick response and taking preventive measures.

QA Engineer

An experienced, communicative and certified QA Engineer is in charge of analysing the solutions used in the shop and also checks the consumer’s purchase path.


Is it possible to carry out an audit on any shop?

Absolutely, it is possible to carry out a test audit on any e-commerce platform. We are specialists in technologies such as Magento and Shopware.

What is the purpose of an audit?

The purpose of an audit is to identify errors, deficiencies and potential problems that may affect the quality, reliability and functionality of your shop.

What do I get as a result of an e-commerce audit?

The result of the audit is a document that contains the current status of the online shop, together with conclusions and recommendations for further action.

When will I see the results of the audit?

The audit gives tips and advice, but it’s up to you to decide which of them you implement and when.

What to do after the Magento shop audit?

The results of a test audit are a valuable source of information that can help you improve your e-commerce performance. However, it is important to remember that not all errors identified need to be fixed at the same time.

Do you fix bugs as part of the audit?

A test audit is the first step in improving the quality of an online shop. It identifies errors, but does not include fixing them.

If you would like our company to fix the bugs that were identified in the audit, please contact us.

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