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The sales platform is operated by Domaros Waldemar F.H. Domex. The company’s history began in 2002. The first offer of the shop included household articles. The development of the brand made it possible to increase the assortment with accessories such as porcelain, cutlery or household glass. The current variety of products makes it possible to choose accessories for almost all home interiors.

Scope of work

  • Implementation of the AuroraBox template
  • Customised menu design
  • Integration with Baselinker
  • Implementation of the original module "free delivery from..."
  • Implementation of the Improved Sorting module
  • Update of extensions


Implementation of AuroraBox original template

We started our cooperation with the szklaneczki shop by changing the existing appearance and improving the functioning of the platform. We achieved this by using the original AuroraBox template, which contains a number of the most useful functionalities. This solution was designed to make navigating the shop simple and intuitive. Choosing the AuroraBox template significantly reduced the time needed to implement the sales platform.

How has the change to the existing template influenced the website’s functionality?

  • It has increased the efficiency of the website
  • It has improved the loading time of the website
  • It has provided a wide range of possibilities for the development of new functionalities
  • It has improved the usability of the shop on mobile devices.

Customised menu design

The most common solution for menu design is a top, horizontal bar that presents the shop categories. However, during this project we used a completely different variant. The menu was designed on the left-hand side of the page, with the categories placed vertically. Apart from the homepage, the bar is only visible when expanded, so as to limit the visibility of the content in the individual categories to a minimum.

Integration with Baselinker

Baselinker makes it possible to effectively optimise internal processes related to order processing in a company. The application of this solution in the case of the shop made it possible to reduce the time needed for administration.


What kind of new possibilities did the integration bring to shop management?

  • It made it possible to introduce mass changes to the shop’s offers,
  • introduced stock synchronisation in all supported marketplaces,
  • and improved the order handling process.

Implementation of the original module "Free delivery from..."

In the project, we used a proprietary module that displays the missing amount for free delivery. The counter also shows a set value above which free shipping of the order occurs. This solution helps to encourage users to add more products to their shopping cart.

Implementation of the Improved Sorting module

The basic Magento 2 functions allow sorting of an offer only by: name, item and price. However, the shop wanted to provide its customers with an extended way of searching for products in categories.

We have implemented an original module “Improved Sorting”, which allows to extend the existing filtering methods by:

  • bestsellers
  • the latest
  • the oldest
  • the cheapest
  • the most expensive
  • the most commented on.

Extensions update

The shop was equipped with many additional extensions that did not fulfil their functions due to lack of updates. During our cooperation, we adjusted all the modules to the current system requirements.


The new graphic template adapted to current trends allowed for simple and intuitive use of the website.

The verification and elimination of unnecessary functionalities ensured greater platform efficiency.

Automation of multi-channel sales processes improved order management.

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