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Pierre Rene is a Polish cosmetic brand that has made its business popular by selling make-up products. The company was founded over 20 years ago by Henryk de Lubicz Szeliski. The brand is currently being developed by his sons, Łukasz and Wojciech.

Pierre Rene became famous for the production of cosmetics, but the family business also includes premium hotels and apartments located in Ustka.

The brand is growing rapidly and has plans for further ventures in the beauty sector. In the near future, Pierre Rene wishes to produce spa cosmetics based exclusively on natural ingredients.

Scope of works

  • Migration from Magento 1 to Magento 2
  • Connection of two shops via the Multistore function
  • Implementation of the English language version of the shop
  • Combination of shopping carts of two shops
  • Implementation of the module "free delivery from the amount of..."
  • Integration with Merit ERP system
  • Implementation of the payment status verification module
  • Connection of Social Media and YouTube profiles to the platform
  • Implementation of Social Media login module for online shop account
  • Implementation of a blog


Ikona przedstawiająca narzędzie

Migration to the current version of Magento 2 has ensured that the platform is secure and can be further developed.

ikona przedstawiajaca akceptacje punktu

The functionalities used made navigating the online shop entirely intuitive.

Ikona przedstawiająca wzrost

The automation of internal processes introduced has enabled the brand to develop in other areas.

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Migration to Magento 2

Pierre Rene had been operating its shop on Magento 1 for a long time. The unlimited possibilities that the platform offered were tailor-made for such a recognisable brand in the beauty industry. Although the system was technologically advanced, its successor was developed in the course of time.

Magento 2, produced by Adobe, finally displaced its predecessor in 2020. It was then announced that the first version of the software would no longer receive support from the developers. For this reason, the older system was exposed to shortcomings in user security and the inevitable lack of further development.

Pierre Rene asked us to migrate their Magento 1 shop to Magento 2. Using an outdated version of the system caused many performance problems and limited development opportunities. The layout available in Magento 1 was also falling behind current trends.

The migration process to the new Magento 2 version required adequate preparation. The major differences between the systems mean that transferring a shop involves creating it almost from scratch. During the migration process, we recreated the modules used in the previous version of the system and also implemented a new graphic design that reflects the individual character of the brand.

Connecting shops using the Multistore function

The native Multistore function in Magento 2 is renowned for its business scaling capabilities. The tool allows the creation of an unlimited number of shops in a single administration panel. In the case of our cooperation with Pierre Rene, we used the Multistore function to combine the content management of the brand’s two shops. This solution significantly saves time moving between interfaces and speeds up the implementation of changes.


Using the Multistore function we have achieved:

  • two separate website URLs
  • different shop layouts common administration panel
  • common administration panel.

Implementation of an English language version of the shop

The creators of Pierre Rene also wanted to adapt their offer to English-speaking users. The extensive features of Multistore in this case were used to create an English language version of the shop.

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Combining the shopping cart of two shops

The brand’s creators simultaneously operate two online make-up shops. The first, Pierre Rene Professional, is dedicated to mature women. The second, Miyo, targets teenage girls. However, the offer of the two shops remains so diverse that it finds customers of all ages.

The creators of Pierre Rene wanted to combine the shopping experience on both platforms, so that everyone could find something for themselves without using a search engine again. As a result, we implemented a module that aggregates the shopping cart from the two shops. Added products from both Pierre Rene and Miyo will appear in a single summary.

Implementation of the module "free delivery from the amount of..."

Currently, many online shops offer free delivery once the designated amount in the shopping cart is exceeded. This is a frequently used technique that encourages the user to add extra items to their order. During the course of the project, we implemented a proprietary module that shows the missing amount for free delivery.

pierre rene darmowa dostawa

Integration with ERP Merit system

Pierre Rene values the potential for process automation in its multi-channel business. As part of the implementation, we performed the integration of the ERP Merit accounting and HR system with the sales platform. After receiving the necessary data, we carried out the linking process. In order to check the correctness of the integration, we performed the necessary functional tests.

The integration of Merit ERP system with the Pierre Rene platform has streamlined many order handling processes, such as:

  • Automatic transfer of order status information from the platform to the ERP system
  • Storage of customer information in the Merit system
  • Automatic updating of customer information by the software
  • Import of a list of orders to be completed
  • Import of a sales document from the ERP system for each order
  • Automatic assignment of a dedicated transport operator to an order.

Implementation of the payment status verification module

The next step towards automating the internal processes of the Pierre Rene brand was the implementation of a proprietary module that is responsible for verifying the status of payments.

The functionality was designed to reduce the time needed to process customer payments, while also reducing the possibility of mistakes. The tool enables the import of a list of daily transfers into the Magento administration panel. There, the list is automatically scanned and verified. In the next step, the tool updates the payment status of the order and sends feedback if there are any abnormalities.

Linking Social Media and YouTube profiles to the platform

In cooperation with Pierre Rene, we implemented proprietary modules that combine eCommerce with social media. These allow content from the brand’s profiles on Instagram and Youtube to be shared in a designated block of the online shop. The company is active in Social Media, so the use of this functionality significantly increases brand awareness while already using the sales platform.

pierre rene screen instagram
pierre rene screen

Implementation of an online shop account login module via Social Media

Pierre Rene is successfully implementing a user-friendly platform strategy. The brand introduces many additional functionalities in the shop that make it easier to navigate and finalise purchases. During the course of the project, we also implemented a module that allows users to log in to their online shop account via Social Media. Such a solution allows for a faster shopping process without having to set up a new profile.

pierre rene screen logowanie

Blog implementation

In cooperation with Pierre Rene, we also implemented a company blog. The brand is active on Social Media, cooperates with Influencers, but also shares its expertise in its own articles. The eCommerce blog allows additional marketing activities to be realised. Cyclical posts increase the shop’s visibility in search engines and also build the brand’s image as an expert.

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