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Krosno is considered an icon of Polish functional glass, the brand originates from the Krosno glass factory. Its craft history is dated back to 1923. Nearly a century of tradition has allowed the company to establish itself as a leader in the country, while expansion into global markets has enabled the development of a strong Krosno brand. A wide assortment of finely crafted glass is a functional decoration in many Polish interiors.

Scope of work

  • Magento update
  • Changing the communication with SAP and Baselinker
  • Development of the function for creating product sets
  • Integration of Google reviews import function
  • Implementation of the YouLead system
  • Development of new shipping methods
  • Customisation of checkout according to the user
  • Integration of multiple filter selection functionality


Ikona przedstawiająca koszyk zakupowy

The development cooperation has brought a number of benefits, eliminating the possibility of shopping cart abandonment during order completion.

ikona zespół

Implementation of the YouLead system enabled the development of e-mail marketing necessary for comprehensive advertising activities.

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Changing the communication in SAP and Baselinker allowed free modifications and future development of the integration.

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Magento update

Upgrading Magento was a time-consuming process that brought multidimensional benefits to the entire online shop. The outdated Magento version 2.2.1 limited the active development of the platform into new functionalities. Upgrading to the latest version 2.4.3 was essential to expand the site while maintaining Adobe support against cyber attacks.


However, such an extensive modification did not keep the shop architecture unchanged. Adapting the platform to the new settings deactivated some of the previous functionalities, as they had lost their use. However, a well-planned update process made it possible to implement the activities that had been prepared, and to restore the shop to its proper form.

Change in the communication of external tools

External SAP and Baselinker tools have used CSV files to exchange data so far. The change introduced created the possibility of communicating via the API REST.

One of the benefits of moving to API REST data exchange is the easy way to modify and extend the integration. If there is a need to extend the communication with additional information, it will be much easier, faster and simpler to implement.

Another advantage of such a solution is fast error handling. The use of API REST communications allows specific actions to be programmed when inconsistencies arise. The developer is able to handle such risks, which was impossible while using CSV files.

Another advantage of integration via the API REST is the availability of the data structure. During the development of such a solution, it is possible to specify the exact format of information that fields can have.

Product sets

Krosno wants to offer customers the best products that will not only be a useful home accessory but, above all, a stylish addition to the interior design. The function enabling the preparation of product sets has effectively supported that.

The creation of a dedicated composition of articles allows individual customisation of graphics, descriptions or amounts other than for individual goods. It is also not uncommon for such variants to have more attractive total prices than the standard option.

The prepared product sets are directly linked to the warehouse system, as it records their sales and reduces the stock of the individual products included in the set.

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Automatic import of Google reviews into the online shop

Customer reviews are an increasingly common factor in purchasing decisions. Integrating the functionality of automatically importing reviews posted on Google enables them to be quickly viewed without having to leave the shop website.

Implementation of the YouLead system

The implementation of the YouLead system verified the previous capabilities of the e-mail marketing tool used by Krosno. The tool used previously did not meet the company’s functional requirements, so we suggested a change.

The functions available in the new system allow for comprehensive development of the marketing funnel, customer behaviour analytics or monitoring of user actions during the course of an e-mail marketing campaign.

In addition, the use of the YouLead system enabled integration with the Web push function. Offer notifications visible when users are viewing other sites effectively focus the attention of the recipient.

The use of such a function in case of Krosno, increases the visibility of the offer to potential customers, even when they browse products of competing companies.

New shipping methods

Traditional courier deliveries have had a serious competitor for several years in the form of stationary parcel collection points. Companies are becoming more and more interested in using other available options for shipping products. The use of multiple suppliers is particularly important when aiming for a positive customer experience. The ability to pick up an order at dedicated locations is becoming more and more frequently an option for purchase.

The new shipping methods used have effectively increased the freedom to choose the best option for product delivery.

The new delivery methods include:

  • Poczta Polska
  • Pocztex24
  • Paczkomat
  • DHL Parcelshop
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Checkout customised to the user

The existing checkout was redesigned to make it as simple and intuitive to use as possible. A proprietary module tailored to create a positive shopping experience was used.

Two new options were used:

  • The option to fill in data other than the billing address using the “delivery to a different address” function.
  • With the shop’s diverse customers in mind, the option to fill in the company’s VAT number only after selecting the option “I want to receive a VAT invoice” was also implemented.

Multiple filter selection

The implementation of the multiple filter selection function has reduced the time needed to find the results of precisely defined requirements.

By selecting multiple filters at the same time, the process of finding the right option is significantly shortened, allowing the user to make a purchase more quickly.

"I am very pleased with the course and the effects of our cooperation. First of all, thanks to the agency, we can focus on increasing sales without worrying about the technical issues of the store. The company always efficiently and quickly responds to our needs, and the communication itself runs smoothly.
I recommend Aurora as a professional partner with extensive experience and creative ideas.

Katarzyna Pelczar

Katarzyna Pelczar


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