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The history of iPłatności began with the launch of a platform offering fast payments and online instalments. It was the first portal in Poland to launch online leasing available 24/7, without the need to fill in paper applications.

Today, it is a recognised provider of a comprehensive solution that effectively increases eCommerce sales. The portal offers quick instalment payments and leasing available in just 15 minutes.

Scope of work

  • Creation of the iPayments module
  • Adjusting the module to the requirements of the Magento 2 platform
  • Creation of widgets visible on the Contractor's website
  • Creation of a ready CMS tab containing the necessary information about the new payment options
  • Preparing documentation

The result of the cooperation with the Finance Platform is a fully functional ‘iPłatności’ module, which:

  • was adapted to the requirements of the Magento platform
  • enables the use of two new forms of instalment payments – iRaty, iLeasing
  • offers as many as 9 possibilities to adapt the instalment payment button to the varied graphic design of shops
  • has a CMS tab with information about the instalment process
  • includes marketing communications to help direct the user to additional payment options
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iPłatności module

iPłatności is a service that allows to offer the shop’s customers to finance their purchases by instalment or leasing. However, this is not limited by a contract for the exclusive services of one bank. iPłatności uses the offer of many partners, so the credit conditions are always the most favourable.

Creation of the module

The work on the module was based on creating an instalment payment solution customised for Magento 2 and ensuring secure integration with eCommerce. The technical work also included separating the credit options so that the shop administrator decides independently which to make available to their customers as well as creating a CMS tab informing about the application process.

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Benefits for the shop owner

  • two new payment options
  • possibility to use both options or to choose only one adapted to the target group of the consumers
  • bigger sales volume
  • Integration with a ready-to-use solution that can be configured at any time.

Benefits for the shop customer

  • possibility of making a purchase without the need to postpone it or spend savings
  • convenient form of a system available 24/7
  • intuitive shopping path tailored to a positive customer experience

"Cooperation with Aurora Creation is a pleasure and a peace of mind.
Pleasure - we were professionally provided with the solutions we needed.
Peace of mind - constant contact before, during and even after the service.
Our expectations have been fully met,
Aurora Creation is definitely a partner worth recommending."

Lukasz Olejnik

Lukasz Olejnik

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