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Goetze is a Polish bicycle brand, which has been developing its products for more than 10 years. The company started its activity by selling unicycles of all manufacturers available on the market, however, with the experience developed, it decided to change its offer.

Goetze customers paid particular attention to the free choice of colour and type of bicycle. This was not guaranteed by the existing manufacturers. The company had a clear objective to achieve – to create its own brand of unicycles prepared for personalisation.

The current Goetze range is characterised by variety and freedom of customisation. The implementation of a new sales platform allowed the personalised offer to be accentuated among online users.

Scope of work

  • Implementation of Magento 2 using the AuroraBox template
  • Implementation of graphic design
  • Use of the Multistore function
  • Data migration
  • Integration with Santander Instalments module
  • Integration with Baselinker
  • Integration with Google Analytics and Tag Manager
  • Implementation of dedicated forms
  • Implementation of advanced brand filtering options


aurora creation ikona wzrost

The new Magento 2 engine has offered many opportunities to build an intuitive, user-friendly sales platform.

aurora creation ikona akceptacja

The use of Magento 2's native functionality made it possible to create a fully personalised product offer.

aurora creation ikona puzzle

The use of additional tools in the project allowed the automation of many processes that previously required a significant amount of time commitment.

goetze mobile mockups


Magento 2 implementation using the AuroraBox template

We started the realisation of the project with Goetze by implementing the platform on Magento 2. For this purpose, we used the proprietary AuroraBox template. The use of a boxed solution significantly reduced the time required to create a functional online shop. Thus, the costs associated with the implementation process were optimised.

In the further stages of the project, we integrated the platform with additional tools, which contributed to the optimisation of many processes in the online shop.

Creation of a graphic design

We created a personalised graphic design for the Goetze shop, adapted to the brand’s colour identity. The look of the eCommerce platform was designed so that every user could easily navigate through it.

Use of the Multistore function

In the project, we used Magento’s native Multistore function, which allows multiple shops to be operated from a single administration panel. This solution ensures that all the most important information is in one place.

Data migration

During the project with Goetze, we performed a data migration, which allowed us to keep the existing information regarding customer accounts and address data. We ensured that they were transferred securely to the new version of the shop on Magento 2.

Integration with the Santander Instalments module

Instalments are an increasingly popular form of payment in online shops. It enables to increase the number of placed orders or the value of a single basket. Customers are more likely to opt for a more expensive product in the form of instalments than in the case of paying the total amount at once.

In the Goetze project, we implemented a proprietary Santander Instalments module in order to increase the number of available payment methods and to allow payments to be divided into parts that do not significantly affect customers’ wallets.

goetze modul santander

Integration with Baselinker

Baselinker is a popular tool used in eCommerce to manage multi-channel sales. In practice, it enables the effective implementation of an Omnichannel strategy. Online shops that sell both on their own site and in marketplaces such as Allegro or Amazon need a tool that reduces the time spent on managing offers.

During the Goetze project, we integrated the platform with the Baselinker system. This made it possible to synchronise all the platforms used. The tool allows orders to be handled in all channels simultaneously.

Integration with Google Analytics and Tag Manager

The integration of the Goetze shop with Google Tag Manager and Analytics has made it possible to collect the data necessary for advertising activities.

The implemented tools retrieve information about users and their behaviour in the shop, resulting in improved implementation of marketing campaigns in Google Ads and Facebook Ads, as well as analysis of the results.

Implementation of dedicated forms

In the Goetze project, we implemented dedicated forms to encourage users to leave their contact details.

The tool was used in three forms:


  • Price negotiation
    The contact form on the product card makes it possible to negotiate the price of the selected item. The use of the contact form for this purpose increases the feeling of an individual approach to the customer. The user feels a greater real impact on the final price of the product, despite the fact that they are buying online.
  • Product availability
    In case of a temporary unavailability of a selected item, the contact form allows users to send a message asking about the availability of the product. This option is particularly useful during periods of increased consumer traffic.
  • Newsletter subscription
    The form encourages users to leave their email address in exchange for a personalised discount code for their first purchase.
goetze formularze

Implementation of an advanced brand filtering option

We implemented a module in the project that allows advanced filtering of products. The function allows to search for products taking into account only selected brands. The filter was placed as a separate category to make it easier for less advanced users to navigate the shop.

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