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The Mercado online shop is a modern approach to eco-friendly living. The sales platform offers a wide range of natural products and attracts customers’ attention to sustainable shopping. Promoting a healthy lifestyle surrounded by zero-waste materials is the main idea of the creators of Mercado.

The online shop offers natural cosmetics, organic food, dietary supplements or aromatherapy accessories. The platform’s assortment, however, is chosen with the values of the manufacturers in mind. The shop offers brands for which the future of Mother Earth is not indifferent, such as: Mokosh, Cztery Szpaki, Herbarium Św. Franciszka and others.

Scope of works

  • Magento 2 implementation with the use of a proprietary AuroraBox template
  • Creation of functional and graphic design
  • Integration with ERP Comarch XL system
  • Integration with Freshmail
  • Integration with
  • Implementation of the original module "free delivery from the amount of..."


Ikona przedstawiająca koszyk zakupowy

Use of the proprietary AuroraBox template allowed a fully functional Mercado online shop to be implemented in a short period of time.

Ikona przedstawiająca wzrost

Integration with enabled the platform to open up to multi-channel sales and increased brand visibility.

Ikona przedstawiająca narzędzie

Automation of internal processes allowed further development of the Mercado shop.

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Magento 2 implementation with the use of the AuroraBox proprietary template

In a project with Mercado, we implemented a sales platform based on the Magento 2 system. The decision to choose an eCommerce engine depended on the possibilities for future shop development. Magento 2 is distinguished from the competition by its high scalability, so other systems were quickly eliminated.

During implementation, we used the proprietary AuroraBox template. The boxed solution optimises the start-up costs of the platform, but provides full possibilities for development with new functionalities.

Creation of functional and graphic design

The use of the AuroraBox template provided a wide range of possibilities to customise the look of the platform according to individual needs. We carried out the functional and graphic design of the new Mercado shop, taking into account the brand’s visual identity and current trends. The platform was designed to make navigating it simple and intuitive for every user.

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Integration with Comarch XL ERP system

In order to streamline the accounting processes at Mercado, we integrated the sales platform into the Comarch XL ERP system. We used an advanced solution from the Order Soft brand for this purpose. Their proprietary eCommerce OS enabled a smooth connection between the two systems.

The integration allowed for the synchronisation of stock availability, information about goods, customers, as well as the automation of order fulfilment in the shop. The ERP system sends status information, prepares payment confirmation documents, and generates shipping information.

Integration with Freshmail

Freshmail is an eCommerce email marketing tool. The integration of the functionality in Mercado online shop has enabled a greater flow of information between the brand and shop users.

Sending out a cyclical newsletter with the latest offers, promotional actions or changes taking place in the company effectively builds relationships with customers and also increases product sales.

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Integration with

The Mercado online shop offers products from many manufacturers of cosmetics, dietary supplements or aromatherapy accessories. During the development process, the brand wanted to realise a multi-channel sales strategy.

During the project, we integrated the Mercado platform with the popular marketplace The product offer available on the price comparison engine is an excellent opportunity to increase brand visibility. Promotional prices encourage users to do their shopping there.

Implementation of a proprietary module "free delivery from the amount of..."

Free delivery in exchange for exceeding a set amount in the shopping cart is a popular form used in eCommerce. Such a solution encourages the user to select more products. During the realisation, we implemented a proprietary module that calculates the missing amount for free delivery.

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