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Gerda is one of the leading producers of doors, locks and door furniture, with more than 30 years’ experience in the construction industry. Its products are distinguished by style, reliability and security. The company currently has more than 1,500 stationary locations for its retail sales. The technological development of their online shop will enable them to reach more customers.

Project objective

  • implementation of a new, intuitive E-commerce platform
  • data migration to the new shop version
  • splitting the platform into B2B and B2C
  • design of the lock cylinder configurator
  • implementation of a blog section
  • integration with Comarch ERP system


The implementation of Magento 2 enabled the technological development of the existing E-commerce platform.

The new system has an unlimited scope for expansion to facilitate online sales.

The supporting tool used - ERP Comarch - has improved many internal warehouse and accounting processes.


New design of online shop

Implementing an E-commerce platform for a leading door and lock manufacturer is a specific challenge. Classic solutions are not enough in this case. Reputable brands are simply expected to do more.


We implemented an intuitive, reliable online shop that was tailored to the current requirements of B2B and B2C customers. The platform was created on the basis of the proprietary AuroraBox project. The solution used allowed us to save time and quickly implement the new online shop. AuroraBox was adapted to a graphic design that fully identifies with Gerda’s colours.

Data migration

One of the challenges undertaken during the work on the implementation project was the transfer of product information, customer data and order history to the new E-commerce platform. According to the scope of work, we imported all designated data into Magento 2.

Platform division into B2B and B2C

As a manufacturer of locks and doors, Gerda works with a number of companies to distribute their products. The division of the platform and the automation of B2B purchasing involves the improvement of the purchasing process and an increase in the number of business customers served in the online shop.

What functionalities have been implemented?

  • option to complete the NIP (Tax Identification Number) field available in the customer's address book
  • automatic import of the NIP number into the last stage of the order, i.e. checkout
  • automatically assigned information on membership of a specific customer group available in the customer panel, order summary and on the commercial document
  • customisation of different methods of payment according to customer groups.

Intuitive configurator

Security is a key parameter for choosing the right lock cylinder. The increasing choice of available models on the market can cause problems in making a decision. In an era of full product personalisation, customisation is an increasingly popular option for consumers.


Gerda in this case wanted to give customers the option of customising the lock cylinder to suit their individual needs. The configurator we have implemented increases the chance of tailoring the component to the technical aspects chosen. The implemented solution shortens the time to make a decision about the purchase.

Blog section

The implementation of the blog section has enabled Gerda specialists to share news and interesting facts from the construction industry. The blog has also the added value of building brand awareness. Well-designed content in terms of positioning increases the company’s visibility in search engine results which has an impact on sales as well.

Integration with Comarch ERP system

The implementation of the warehouse and accounting system allowed the automation of many internal processes.

The scope of integration included:

  • export of goods from Comarch Optima to Magento 2
  • synchronisation of stock levels between Comarch Optima and Magento 2
  • import of complex orders from the E-commerce platform to the ERP system
  • transmission of information about updates to order statuses between systems

"We are very pleased with the cooperation with Aurora Creation. When starting a new project of building an online store based on the Magento 2 platform, we were very keen on the speed of implementation and maintaining the highest quality.
We appreciate the fact that Aurora Creation transparently carries out tasks and has a team of competent specialists. The Project Manager understands our needs and the team's reactions are immediate.
Aurora gives us a sense of security from the very beginning.
We will continue to maintain and develop the Aurora store.

 Paweł Bijata

Paweł Bijata


Is it the end of cooperation? Definitely NOT!

The implementation of a new purchasing platform on Magento 2 and its customisation is a joint success we achieved during our cooperation.
Have our paths just parted?– No.

The SLA – Service Level Agreement – guarantees the support of Magento specialists in emergency situations and the quick repair of any errors.

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