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BISON company addresses its offer to a narrow group of specialists: it provides various types of tooling (including precision vices, lathe chucks, milling devices) used in machining.
BISON customers appreciate quality: the company supplies devices to 60 countries and is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of this type of equipment.

Scope of work

  • Pre-implementation analysis, selection of tools, planning
  • Bespoke UX / UI design
  • Magento 2 multi-store implementation
  • Implementation of multi-source inventory
  • Integration with ERP SAP
  • Dedicated server, configuration

Pre-implementation analysis

The first stage of work was to perform a pre-implementation analysis, which was aimed at:

  • getting acquainted with the client’s organization
  • defining an unambiguous interpretation of customer requirements
  • determining the method of meeting the requirements
  • choosing the right tools, including the eCommerce system
  • defining the system configuration rules
  • defining the necessary functionalities
  • defining additional functionalities
  • prioritization of requirements
  • recognition of the required integration with existing systems

As a result of the analysis, we have developed a list of requirements, a Magento 2 implementation plan and a training plan for BISON S.A. crew so that people responsible for online sales can make the most of the advantages of the new version of the store.

The team performing the analysis:

Senior eCommerce Project Manager – responsible for collecting requirements, consulting and coordinating work during the execution of the order.

Senior Magento Developer – responsible for translating the business assumptions of the project into technical solutions along with a potential list of extensions.

DevOps – the server administrator is responsible for recommendations regarding the server infrastructure in order to ensure the stable operation of the ecommerce platform.


UX & UI design

Changing an online store to a modern one is a great opportunity to refresh the image of BISON brand. The new graphic concept should, on the one hand, draw customers’ attention to changes in the online store, and on the other, guarantee the consistent quality to which they are used to.

Design stages:

  • workshops with the client
  • preparation of a set of key visuals
  • mock-up (UX Design, Wireframes)
  • UI Design
  • UI animation design
  • providing materials and documentation to developers

We invited CHALLENGE Studio to carry out graphic works – a design studio specializing in UX / UI design, with experience in B2B projects.

Magento 2 implementation

Magento 2 platform has an extensive list of functionalities. The following advantages were key in the project of changing BISON online store:

  • The possibility of modifying many parameters of the store, which allows it to be adapted to the specifics of the project (in the case of BISON – B2B sales).
  • The popularity of Magento 2 – the possibility of using ready-made modules used by thousands of stores (ease of implementation, time and cost optimization).
  • The ability to easily create multiple language versions of stores in order to implement a global sales strategy.
  • Extensive native functions in Magento administration panel that allow you to easily manage products, catalog, filters and CMS pages.
  • Possibility of integration with external programs (in this case ERP SAP).

Two-way integration with SAP

With the growing popularity of BISON store, there was a need to automate processes to speed up and facilitate customer service. Therefore, a decision was made to Two-way integration with SAP. All orders placed in the online store are automatically transferred to the SAP system (including customer billing and shipping data, payment method). On the other hand – from the ERP system to Magento – data on product inventory, prices, etc. are transferred.


B2B functions

Implementation of multi-source inventory

A function that allows you to manage multiple warehouses in the store, thanks to which the business goal of global sales has been largely met (currently disabled, BISON uses one warehouse).

Adding products to the cart using a CSV file

Implementation of the function allows for quick purchase by importing a file with SKU numbers. By importing a file created in a spreadsheet with filled SKUs and quantities, the customer is able to quickly add the desired products to the cart, which is a great help for business customers using SKU numbers and shopping in higher quantities.

Individual tax calculations

Tax calculation function for selected customer groups based on the selected destination country on the product card and the selected delivery warehouse (the function has been modified as BISON currently only ships from one warehouse).


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