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Cornette is a manufacturer of underwear and nightwear. The brand is famous for its unconventional designs and wide range of products for women, men and children. They have their own sewing and knitting room, which is their competitive differentiator in the market. Cornette products are very popular in Poland, as well as in other European countries. The manufacturer has a stationary shop in Sieradz, however, the main sales channel is the eCommerce platform, which has been tailored to a diverse range of customers.

Scope of works

  • implementation of Magento 2 using the proprietary AuroraBox template
  • division of the platform into B2B and B2C
  • data migration
  • implementation of the "free delivery starting from the amount of..." functionality
  • division of products according to purchase frequency
  • implementation of the gift cards module


The migration from Magento 1 to Magento 2 opened up unlimited possibilities for eCommerce development.

Splitting the site into separate B2B and B2C sectors streamlined the purchasing journey for wholesale customers.

The integration of gift card functionality made it possible to reach many new consumers.

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Magento 2 implementation

The online shop, which was operating on an outdated version of Magento 1, had many limitations that prevented further development of the platform. However, Cornette is keen to keep up with current eCommerce trends so that shopping remains a pleasure. The implementation of Magento 2 allowed for the development of the online shop using useful functionalities, and the proprietary AuroraBox template used effectively optimises the costs of running the platform.

Division of the platform into B2B and B2C

Cornette is targeting a retail audience as well as B2B customers. The division of the platform into two websites allowed for a clear design and a simple shopping path dedicated to each group separately. The common graphic design maintained effectively identifies the brand.

What are the differences in the B2B website?

  • a separate URL for the B2B website
  • access to B2B area only after logging in
  • hidden product prices - available for logged-in customers
  • division of customers into groups and assignment of personalised discounts
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Data transfer

The data migration planned in the project allowed us to maintain the existing information about products, categories, order history or customer accounts. We made a secure transfer of them to the new version of the shop on Magento 2.

"Free delivery from the amount of..."

In the project, we used a proprietary module that displays the missing amount for free delivery. This is a nice gesture towards customers and sometimes even a subtle motivator that provides the retailer with more value for the products in the shopping cart.

Product filtering

Product filters are a commonly used functionality in eCommerce platforms. Cornette was concerned to segregate the available offer appropriately, so that it took as short a time as possible to find the required item. Magento’s basic functions enable products to be sorted only by: item, name and price.


However, the proprietary ‘Improve Sorting’ module we used allows for the introduction of six additional options:

  • bestsellers
  • the latest
  • the oldest
  • the cheapest
  • the most expensive
  • the most frequently commented on
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Gift cards

Every day, thousands of users search the Internet to find the perfect gift for a loved one. However, this is not always an easy task. Many are keen to opt for a gift card to their favourite shop.


The implementation of this functionality for Cornette has provided multi-dimensional benefits, including:

  • many users who received a gift card used the shop’s offer for the first time,
  • the voucher encourages people to spend more while shopping,
  • the possibility of personalisation directly identifies the cardholder with the brand, as a nice accent to be remembered for a long time.


What technical features does the module have?

  • possibility to create gift cards with a fixed or open amount with a single or multiple use
  • history of all vouchers purchased
  • possibility to enter a barcode
  • free access to import or export information on gift cards
  • in case of goods return, the module allows a refund to be made back to the voucher.

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