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Zagatto is a Polish manufacturer of leather goods and textile accessories. It is famous for producing high-quality wallets, laptop bags or city backpacks. Zagatto targets both B2C and B2B customers with its offer. The company was founded in Szczecin and achieved its first success there. In the future, it wishes to develop its offer and conquer the foreign wholesale market.

Scope of works

  • implementation of Magento 2 using the proprietary AuroraBox template
  • division of the platform into B2B and B2C
  • data migration
  • MailChimp integration
  • Orlen Paczka integration
  • loyalty programme


Ikona przedstawiająca wzrost

Implementing a modern purchasing platform means new opportunities for development.

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Dividing the website into separate B2B and B2C sectors provides a clear view of each purchasing group.

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Implementing a loyalty programme is an opportunity to build lasting relationships with users.

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New shop design

The Zagatto brand needed to implement a fast, intuitive, user-friendly eCommerce platform on Magento 2. During the cooperation, we used the proprietary AuroraBox template, which saved time. The box solution effectively optimises the start-up costs of the platform, while leaving plenty of opportunities for future development.

zagatto mockup desktop
zagatto mockup desktop

Data migration

Changing to a more recent and efficient eCommerce platform does not have to involve the loss of existing information. The client was concerned about keeping the collected data and transferring it to the new shop on Magento 2. We migrated, among other things: customer data, product information, categories, as well as blog articles.

Division of the platform into B2B and B2C

Zagatto targets both B2C and B2B customers. We have divided the shop into two separate shops dedicated to different consumers, while maintaining a common graphic design.

What are the differences in the website dedicated to the B2B sector?

  • a different URL than the one assigned to the B2C target group
  • product prices are only visible after logging into the customer account
  • possibility to categorise customer groups and give them individual discounts directly from the admin panel
zagatto mockup mobile

Newsletter as an advertising channel

Newsletters are a popular form of keeping in touch with customers. When conditions are not convenient for in-store meetings, it is useful to remind the target group about the unique product offers available online.


Integrating the popular Mailchimp module allowed the brand to implement effective email marketing. The integrated database of contacts subscribed to the newsletter automatically receives outgoing messages about new products, current promotions, bargains or personalised discount codes.

Loyalty programme

A loyalty programme is a popular tool in eCommerce. Attractive reward rules allow building lasting relationships with customers. Functionality creates attachment not only among regular users, but also encourages new users to stay in the community.


The implemented loyalty programme for the Zagatto brand has many automated functions that support online sales:

  • rewarding customers for making purchases or registering an account,
  • notifying customers when their points expire,
  • points history available for tracking in the customer's account,
  • analysis of purchasing behaviour presented in the form of cyclical reports.
Zagatto Loyalty programme

Orlen Pack

Formerly known as Pack in RUCHu. The implementation of the module has allowed the automation of the order handling process.

The module enables:
– downloading data from the order to the parcel
– handling cash on delivery
– handling multipacks
– drafting and preparing for printing shipping lists
– drafting of reports for couriers.

"Cooperation with Aurora Creation was smooth and satisfying. Thanks to dividing the work into stages, there was order in every, even small task, and we had a current overview of the progress."

Katarzyna Pytyś

Katarzyna Pytyś

SEO Specialist/ Zagatto

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