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KOSZULKOWO is a shop with custom-made clothes that will allow you to express yourself. These are not meaningless texts that you can find on T-shirts from chain stores, but a specific way to verbalise your thoughts. While the form and the quality are much better than what is sold at a market stall, the price is lower than in many expensive online shops.

Within the scope of our work, there were:

  • pre-implementation analysis
  • front-end development
  • Magento 2 implementation
  • speed optimization
  • service and extension
  • web hosting
KOSZULKOWO.COM - desktop version

One of the first implementations of Magento 2 in Poland

The work on the new version of began in 2015, when the product was very fresh. The client wanted the creation of a platform that was to be developed over a few or more years. Magento 2 seemed to be the only right option. Being the pioneers of Magento 2 in our market, our entire team helped in the preparation of the Polish translation of Magento, currently used by dozens of shops.

KOSZULKOWO.COM - mobile version
KOSZULKOWO.COM - desktop version

Excellent UX

We got rid of the standard Magento 2 interface. Instead, we implemented a more convenient tool for users, tailored to the specificity of the shop's offer.

  • a total change of appearance
  • a better performance
  • mobile friendly
  • SEO friendly

Extended product type

Due to the huge number of designs, the range of T-shirts at includes several hundred products with several thousand variants. None of the standard Magento product types allowed convenient inventory management, fast operation and efficient integration with ERP. We had to prepare an extended type of product which was a difficult but the only right solution.

  • increased performance
  • immediate synchronisation of inventory
  • easy management of the assortment
phone Extended product type Magento in KOSZULKOWO
Desktop KOSZULKOWO.COM - desktop version
Telefon KOSZULKOWO.COM - smartphone version
Tablet KOSZULKOWO.COM - tablet version
5x higher conversion


higher conversion

3x cart value increase


cart value increase

86% Google Page Insights


86% Google Speed Insights

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