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Diablo Chairs

Domator24 is a company that was founded in 2004. Its portfolio includes the brands Diablo Chairs, Jan Nowak and Sofandi. The first of these creates gaming chairs that every gamer would like to have in their setup. Meanwhile, the second offers its customers robust and reliable metal cabinets. The last brand is a complete novelty on the market of exclusive garden furniture.

Despite their different areas of operation, the brands are united by an approach that focuses on providing exceptional quality, creative and functional solutions. Professionalism and high ambition have led the Financial Times magazine to rank Domator24 as number 29 of the 1,000 fastest-growing companies in Europe and number 1 in the Personal & Household Goods category in 2019.

Scope of works

  • Carrying out a pre-implementation analysis
  • Implementation of the D2C sales platform on Magento 2
  • Integration with Parcel Lockers Inpost system
  • Implementation of functionalities to meet the requirements of the Omnibus directive
  • Implementation of functionalities for a business client - leasing
  • Use of PageBuilder
  • Launch of 12 language versions
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Carrying out a pre-implementation analysis

In 2021, a company with an existing website that did not meet its growing needs contacted us. During the initial discussions, we jointly decided to carry out a pre- implementation analysis to develop a thorough plan of action. During the analysis, we took into account not only the current Diablo Chairs, Jan Nowak websites, but also reviewed the market, competition and future development plans for the brand. After three months, a document was created showing in detail what actions we recommend to maximise the potential and createan opportunity to bring e-commerce to the next level.

Implementation of a D2C sales platform on Magento 2 - dedicated system configuration

As a result of the analysis, the company decided, on our recommendation, to implement a shop based on the Magento 2 engine. We developed a new front-end, which was based on the Luma template. The appearance was fully adapted to the graphic design of all Domator24 brands. During the programming work, we introduced a number of solutions to improve the user experience of the Direct to Consumer platform, among them: a product comparison engine, a simple and intuitive checkuot and modules for selecting colours or other attributes. On the Diablo Chairs brand website, we created a personalised mega menu with visualisations of its products for given categories. This functionality supports the navigation through the site. In the case of Diablo Chairs, Domator24 was concerned to maintain a coherent visual identity dominated by dark colours, so we implemented darkmode (user interface based on dark colours), which emphasised the unique character of the brand.


We also launched two websites for the Diablo Chairs sub-brands (Kido and Brave) with a different graphic design. Each of these sites is available in 12 different language versions. Within a single Magento 2 instance, 30 versions of the shop have been created so far, all of which can be handled efficiently in a single customer panel.

view of the Brave subpage
view of the Kido subpage

Integration with parcel locker system InPost

InPost is a Polish logistics company that offers courier and parcel services. The company owns the largest network of parcel lockers in Poland (with over 20,000 devices). The parcel lockers are located in convenient locations – near shops, petrol stations and shopping centres, which makes it much easier for Diablo Chairs and Jan Nowak customers to make a purchasing decision. By being able to use the InPost service, Domator24 has also emphasised its commitment to the environment – a smaller carbon footprint than shipping by traditional courier.


Implementation of functions for the business customer – leasing

Leasing is a rental with an option to buy back. The entrepreneur may make an own contribution, but this is not obligatory. In return for regular payments, the lessee receives the right to use the asset for a set period of time.

The company understands the needs of its customers, which is why, at the beginning of our cooperation, it expressed a desire to implement a leasing solution. We created a dedicated LeasingLINK module that can be used at the checkout stage.

Use of PageBuilder

PageBuilder in Magento 2 is a built-in tool that allows the creation and edition of web pages without any knowledge of code. It is a powerful functionality that can be used to prepare custom views and layouts, as well as to add various elements such as text, images, videos and forms.
Thanks to the native Magento 2 functionality, Domator24 employees can make changes to their online shop themselves, even if they do not have programming skills. They have gained the ability to add new content, change the layout of the page and customise its appearance. PageBuilder allows the company to express itself creatively freely. In addition, it saves time while making minor changes to the site. The new functionality contributes to greater independence. Domator24 can conduct its communications without involving the development team.

Launch of 12 language versions

Improving the brand recognition of Diablo Chairs, was another key element of the D2C sales platform implementation project, which is why it was so important to successively introduce further language versions. Activities in this area brought the following benefits:

  • Increased reach and visibility – a website available in several languages can reach a wider audience, both domestically and internationally.
  • Improved user engagement – providing users with access to the site in their native language encourages them to remain on the site and increases the amount of interaction.
  • Positive impact on sales and conversion – preparing content in the user’s native language increases the chance that they will become a customer of the shop.
diablo chairs 12 language

The Omnibus Directive

The Directive (EU) 2019/2161 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 November 2019, known as the Omnibus Directive, imposes an obligation on online shop owners to reliably communicate price reductions. The Diablo Chairs, Jan Nowak and Sofandi shops have acquired a functionality that clearly informs the user about the current price of the product, the price before the discount, as well as the lowest price in the 30 days before the discount. In this way, the customer is assured that Domator24 has a fair and transparent pricing policy in accordance with current legislation.

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