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Soapmakers Four Starlings

Soapmakers Four Starlings is a family-owned manufactory of natural cosmetics. The brand has established itself in the beauty industry guided consistently by several values:

  • Cosmetic products are created to be effective and at the same time free from preservatives that are unfavourable for the skin and the environment.
  • Cosmetic formulas are enriched with an “original twist” in the form of ingredients that are initially inconspicuous, but which are valued for their properties.
  • Versatile substances that are both vegan and environmentally friendly are used in production. As a local brand, the company focuses particularly on domestic suppliers of raw materials in its formulas, which contributes to the development of small businesses and guarantees the highest quality of the ingredients used.
  • Packaging for cosmetics is produced in the spirit of zero waste by reusing materials, thus protecting the planet.

Scope of works

  • Creation of graphic design
  • Implementation of feedback generation plug-in
  • Implementation of the module for creating product sets
  • Implementation of the "free delivery from..." module
  • Implementation of the function for the advanced calculation of delivery costs
  • Implementation of the module of logging into an online shop account via Facebook, Google
  • Implementation of the loyalty programme
  • Implementation of a process for servicing gift cards
  • Implementation and customisation of the blog section
  • Implementation of the raw material database

Using the potential of Magento 2, we created an intuitive D2C sales platform that encourages the user to buy.

We have implemented a number of modern functionalities so that the Four Starlings brand can effectively implement online marketing campaigns.

We have introduced the automation of many internal processes so that the time saved, the brand developers can use to develop the Soapmakers Four Starlings.

Soapmakers Four Starlings background


Creation of graphic design

We started the project with the creators of the Soapmakers Four Starlings by creating a dedicated graphic design for the shop. The visualisation of the D2C sales platform was based on the colours used by the brand in common communication. This allowed us to maintain consistency across all channels of contact with the user. The new graphic design was prepared to be modern and intuitive, but at the same time retained elements typical of the Soapmakers – such as the brand’s ‘tone of voice’.

Implementation of feedback generation plug-in

Feedback from previous customers is often searched for by consumers facing a purchase decision. Users’ statements often confirm the choice of the right product size or specify a colour that differs from the one in the photograph. The increasingly widespread availability of reviews can be attributed to the development of technology and the increased number of tools for generating them from various sources.

During the implementation project of the Soapmakers Four Starlings, we prepared an integration with an external system responsible for obtaining and presenting consumer reviews.

The tool is responsible for generating:

  • stars in the Google Ads and PLAs,
  • stars in organic search results,
  • a widget in an online shop,
  • a product survey.

The use of this functionality in the e-store of soap factory allowed the company to listen to its users and respond to their needs in relation to the products, as well as the entire order fulfilment process.

opinion generator

Implementation of the product set creation module

As part of the implementation of the Soapmakers Four Starlings online shop, we implemented an original module used to sell product sets.

Such a tool is an excellent value for users, as they receive selected cosmetics at a more favourable price than by choosing the same items separately.

An additional element worth noting in the case of the Soapmakers Four Starlings shop is the option to create a personalised set. On the product card, there are products available that can be selected as part of a package. Such functionality does not limit the user to select a set suggested by the manufacturer but makes it possible to create one’s own composition from the available items.

Implementation of the module "free delivery from..."

Many e-commerce sites provide free delivery nowadays when the order total in the shopping cart exceeds a certain amount. This is a frequently used strategy that motivates the user to add more items from the product catalogue. During the implementation of the Soapmakers Four Starlings D2C online shop, we used an original module that indicates in the shopping cart the amount missing to achieve free delivery.

Implementation of the advanced delivery cost calculation function

The Soapmakers Four Starlings shop offers delivery of its products to any location in Poland and abroad. The creators of the brand wanted to streamline the process of calculating costs related to the transport of the parcel depending on the destination address and the weight of the products.

To do this, we developed a proprietary tool that counts the weight of the items and analyses the postal code during the purchasing process. Based on them it calculates and presents the exact delivery cost according to the settings in the shop’s Administration Panel.

This solution allows the delivery cost to be automatically adjusted so that foreign customers pay for shipping exactly as it actually costs at the carrier.

Implementation of an online shop login module via Facebook, Google

From the beginning to the end, the shop of the Soapmakers Four Starlings was designed with the user in mind. During the implementation, we introduced many functions that make it easier to navigate the website and complete the purchase.

One example of the platform’s adaptation to the user is the preparation of a functionality that enables logging in and registration using data stored in a Google or Facebook account. In this way, the customer base continuously grows and can be used for further marketing activities. In addition, the data provided from the social network allows orders to be placed much more quickly, and it is known to increase the shop’s conversions.

basket view

Implementation of a loyalty programme

The use of loyalty programmes is a common trend in D2C e-commerce. Rewarding customers for their purchases enables long-term relationships to be built. The functionality not only increases brand loyalty among existing users, but also effectively motivates new users to become part of the community.

The implementation of a loyalty programme for the Soapmakers Four Starlings has made it possible to increase sales potential in the shop by, among other things

  • rewarding users with points for creating an account, making purchases, leaving feedback on products or returning used packaging for reuse,
  • the possibility to use points as a discount on subsequent purchases,
  • notifications about the expiry date of the prizes collected, which provide an additional impulse to place an order so that the points are not lost.
loyalty programme

Implementation of a process for servicing gift cards

Gift cards are an increasingly popular form of presents. A selected amount to be used in a favourite shop is often a more practical gift than cash or just aiming blindly to satisfy the gift recipient’s tastes.

In the online shop of the Four Starlings, we have introduced tools that make it possible to purchase both electronic and traditional gift cards. After making a purchase, the functionality automatically generates a code to be used at a predetermined time. Then, depending on the type of card purchased, its code is sent by email or courier on a specially prepared blank form.

Thanks to the implementation of gift cards, customers can share their positive experiences of using the products of soap factory with their loved ones, without the risk of not matching their taste. The electronic version of the cards, in turn, is an ideal last-minute gift.

gift card programme

Implementation and customisation of the blog section

During our cooperation with the creators of the Soapmakers Four Starlings, we implemented a blog that enables the fulfilment of the brand’s content marketing strategy. The regular publishing of content increases the shop’s visibility in search engines, while helping to build the company’s reputation as an expert.

The Four Starlings provides an interesting and valuable dose of knowledge on how their products work using the blog. As an additional feature of the entry, we have introduced a function that suggests related goods to the content described above. In this way, readers can quickly navigate from an interesting blog post straight to the product card in the online shop. Previously acquired knowledge of the cosmetic’s effect further strengthens the purchase decision.

Development and implementation of a raw materials database

In the case of the beauty industry, the raw materials database is ideal as a quick search engine for products with favourite ingredients. However, it should not be forgotten that it is also a collection of information that will quickly eliminate those items from the shopping list that may cause allergic reactions among users.

The implementation of a raw materials database in the Soapmakers Four Starlings shop allows for the segregation of products in terms of composition and enables users to quickly search for articles with selected ingredients.

resource base

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