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Online store offers its customers an extremely wide range of products for painting. The offer includes varnishes, primers and rust removers, car maintenance, rubber coatings, solvents, masses and adhesives. In addition, there are also polishing products and cosmetics that will ensure the cleanliness of the vehicle.

The goal of the project was to speed up the operation of the store, the possibility of further development and correction of errors.

Scope of work

  • web hosting
  • correction of errors
  • optimization
  • ensuring stability
  • front-end works
  • service and development
e-lakiernik - desktop
e-lakiernik - desktop
e-lakiernik - smartphone

"An online store is like my own child. From the day I start working with Aurora, I sleep peacefully every night because I know that it is in good hands."

Mariusz Cyankiewicz

Mariusz Cyankiewicz

CEO // e-lakiernik

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