Desktop frame
Mobile frame is the second largest e-commerce website in Poland and the largest Polish price comparison website. In its database, it has over 20 million products and over 18 thousand online shops. Apart from the functionalities that enable comparing product prices, the website also allows for direct shopping in the stores participating in the BUY NOW programme and the satisfaction survey thanks to the Trusted Opinions of

Scope of work

  • preparation of the BUY NOW order picking module
  • implementation of the product feed module
  • development of the module integrating Magento 2 with Trusted Opinions
  • optimisation of extensions for Magento Marketplace

Full integration with the BUY NOW service

The BUY NOW service allows for the purchase of a product from a selected shop directly from, without the necessity to visit the partner’s website. The module allows orders placed by BUY NOW to be downloaded directly to Magento 2. Orders downloaded from are marked appropriately and all changes – both in products and statuses – are also sent.

Buy Now on

We have prepared a module that uses 100% API of the Buy Now service, thus integrating all possible functionalities.

  • retrieval of orders
  • editing orders
  • cancellation of orders
  • separate list for picked orders
  • mapping shipping methods
  • mapping payment methods
  • transmission of order statuses

XML product feed

In order to correctly display a shop’s offer on, it is necessary to prepare an XML file in which we provide information on the name, price, product images and other key attributes. The module prepared by us allows us to generate such a file in a simple way on the basis of Magento 2 product catalogue. The extension also allows to map shop categories with those of, thanks to which we meet all requirements of a price engine with respect to a product feed.

Trusted Opinions of

Social proof is a very important aspect in e-commerce. Thanks to the module integrating Magento 2 with the Trusted Opinions programme, we can collect the results of surveys that examine customer opinions about the order process in our shop. In addition to sending information about orders to, the module also adds relevant consents in the shop’s purchasing process.

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