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The online shop for the Portuguese brand AVANTI was created to offer the best and the most sensual elements of women’s underwear. The project assumed the implementation of Magento II and integration with the API of two independent lingerie distributors.

Our work included:

  • Pre-implementation analysis
  • Magento II implementation
  • Integration with different distributors
AVANTI.PT lingerie store on Magento II

Advanced integration with the distributors’ API

The AVANTI offer to some extent uses products from external distributors. Each distributor has a separate communication interface to retrieve information about products, photos and stock. Our integration had to standardise product features by setting one standard for naming sizes and colours. Another challenge for the project was to take into account a few warehouses: distributors’ warehouses and the local AVANTI warehouse in Portugal.

AVANTI.PT Magento 2 - smartphone
AVANTI.PT Magento 2 - desktop

Bra Fitting module

The interactive help module for choosing the size of the bra is slowly becoming the standard of online lingerie shops. Therefore, the Portuguese brand AVANTI had to take this into account in our project.

  • check the size appropriately
  • choose the correct size
  • solve your problems via Messenger
phone Bra Fitting module

Easy Labels

Easy Labels allows you to both draw the customer’s attention to specific products and encourage shopping. The shop owner can easily make some products or their unique features stand out by

  • indicating new products, promotions, sales and products with free delivery on the list
  • highlighting the most important features of the product
phone Easy Labels AVANTI
Desktop  Aurorabox Magento 2 implementation for AVANTI - desktop
Telefon Aurorabox Magento 2 implementation for AVANTI - smartphone
Tablet Implementation Aurorabox Magento 2 for AVANTI - tablet
4x increased conversion


increased conversion

33% fewer abandoned baskets


fewer abandoned baskets

3 seconds - page loading time


page loading time

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