Web development

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Applications and websites

Internet applications dynamically continue to displace desktop software (installed on computers). The application of the software in the ‘cloud’ basically allows to  lower the costs of the service, infrastructure, makes it easier to introduce updates and safeguards the coherence of data. We specialize in creating and implementing dedicated applications; we create B2B platforms, CRM systems and sales applications. 

  • Websites with very significant traffic congestion,
  • Software as a Service applications(SAAS), 
  • Content management systems, 
  • e-commerce.

How can we help you?

  • feasibility analysis, 
  • functional analysis, 
  • selection of solutions and technologies, 
  • functional prototype and interaction prototype (web wireframing), 
  • HTML/CSS/JS graphic project cutting, 
  • Designing the data base structures, 
  • Programming applications based on Django, Pylons, PHP and Kohana Framework technologies, 
  • MySQL, PostgreSQL data base programming, 
  • test and production implementations, 
  • development of new functionalities,  
  • integration  with external systems, 
  • optimization of the loading speed.

Why us?

  • Solutions created on the basis of verified frameworks, 
  • Scalability – an opportunity for further development, 
  • Possibility to integrate with external systems, 
  • Availability for mobile devices.

Content management systems

Content management system is software which enables to easily edit the content of the website. Editing is carried out by the means of an Internet browser. Doe to the picked content marketing strategy, our Clients often require dedicated solutions which allow to effectively update their image websites. In the case of expanded systems we can divide the website editing team  into groups with different levels of licenses. 

How can we help you?

  • Feasibility analysis, 
  • the selection of  an Open Source solution or a customized one,
  • selection of the optimal technology, 
  • HTML/CSS/JS graphic project cutting, 
  • test and production implementations, 
  • development of new functionalities, 
  • optimization of the loading speed, 
  • optimization for Internet search engines.

Why us?

  • Solutions created on the basis of verified frameworks, 
  • Scalability and easiness of development, 
  • system operations trainings, 
  • support and technical service (helpdesk). 

Hosting and technical service

Your online business must be available around the clock, it should work fast regardless of external factors. We will take care of your project’s maintenance, development, optimization and monitoring of action. 

  • We provide hosting, 
  • We select infrastructure, 
  • We take care of configuration, monitoring, service.

How can we help you?

  • technical service (help desk), 
  • implementation of new functionalities
  • launching and management of services in the cloud (Amazon S3, Oktawave), 
  • Server configuration, 
  • optimization, 
  • monitoring.