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Magento eCommerce

Magento System is a very popular and advanced platform for running Internet stores, Magento offers its users complete flexibility, control over the layout, content and functionality of the store.  

Intuitive  administration panel, with a variety of marketing, merchandise and content management tools makes this system targeted mostly at demanding customers who find it important not to have any limitations in the area of business processes and data flow. 

Magento platform was published in 2007 and soon enough it changed the e-commerce market. In the first 18 months the number of the system’s downloads exceeded a million. The platform’s potential  was noticed by the top players and at the beginning of 2011 Magento was purchased by the international auction portal  eBay Inc. 

Undoubtedly, Magento is the fastest developing store platform in the world. According to “Alexa Rank” and “Alexa Top 1 Milion” rank in February 2013 it possessed the range of 26%. 
zasięg magento

To this day Magento continues to dominate the e-commerce market and nothing heralds that the situation might change in the years to come. It is confirmed by ‘Google Trends’, the diagram below show the popularity of Magento in relation to other most popular store platforms.

In Aurora Creation we decided to base our e-commerce projects exclusively on Magento, because we feel obliged to build a solid software for multi-channel sales which gives control over business processes that take place on the Internet. 
Magento platform is a complete solution for companies which are ready to use the entire pallet of the system’s possibilities. Magento possesses an unrivalled set of functions at the fraction of the price charged by competition commercial platforms from e-Commerce premium class. 

Magento Design

The first element which your potential clients will see after entering your website will be its graphic project. The colour scheme, composition and the user’s general experience will determine his/her first impression and readiness to interact with your website.

The store’s graphic layout should always be suited to the target group and the project’s business goals. Graphic design should always be preceded by a thorough analysis of the client’s needs and the prototyping stage. 

Magento is an extraordinarily flexible platform. In the course of implementation the graphic layout both the form and  process to a large extent depends on the client’s budget. For example, the platform allows to create separate templates for chosen categories or products. 

Magento-oriented designing is characterized by the best application of the platform’s opportunities, simultaneously taken into consideration brand identity, the store’s utility  and the store’s development.

Dedicated extensions

Right after the installation, the system provides a vast number of ready-to-use functionalities. Despite that, almost every day extensions (modules) are created for Magento, which additionally enhance, change or add new options to the system. 

It is surely Magento’s significant advantage in relation to competition’s solutions presenting similar possibilities. In the case of decided majority, it is enough to buy once a selected module and then install it to be able to use it right away in your store.

For our clients we create customized solutions which are perfectly suited to their needs. Every day our modules are actively used by hundreds of stores around the world. 

We encourage you to become familiar with our selected modules which are available on Magento’s official website.

Magento Hosting

Deciding to use Magento platform we need to realize the requirements which the system sets for the server where the store is launched. Magento was designed with the emphasis on considerable load and its scalability. It enables the administrator to separate the processes in the way that safeguards stability and proper speed of taking actions. Shared hosting is highly non-recommended because it does not provide an opportunity to configure the server properly and the stores placed in such hosting usually work very slow.

Magento gives vast possibilities which make up for its server requirements. While choosing the platform one needs to take into account higher hosting expenses in the form  of a dedicated server, VPS or a computing cloud. 

We help your clients to choose the optimal server, perfectly suited to their present and prospect situation. We use only tested, reliable and stable hosting companies, such as ‘Amazon Web Services’ and OVH.

The servers administrated by us are monitored 24/7. Specialist diagnostic software installed on our servers check them for efficiency and safety. In case of detecting a threat, they inform the administrator about the situation by the means of three channels started one after another (email, text message and telephone). Thanks to such a solution we guarantee the maximal response time of 15 minutes (5 minutes on average). 

In the case of being interested in our administration service and technical service we ask you to contact us.

Magento advantages

Why we use Magento:

  • Complete control over business processes, 
  • High investment return for our clients,
  • A vast community around the world
  • Well-thought system architecture, 
  • System’s module structure, 
  • Large possibilities to optimize for search engines (SEO), 
  • Additional functionalities in the form of commercial and free products, 
  • Freedom in integration with external systems class ERP. 

Magento’s most interesting functions:

  • multi-store – management of multiple stores within one administration panel,
  • an opportunity to use multiple languages and currencies, 
  • cracking the abandoned baskets, 
  • service for digital products (for example, mp3 files, e-books), 
  • an opportunity to assign different prices to different client groups,
  • a flexible mechanism of discount coupons,
  • defining administrators’ entitlements – freedom in assigning entitlements to particular sections of the administration panel, 
  • expanded mechanisms of SEO optimization.